10 HUGE Dogs That Think They Are Lap Dogs


Puppies are adorable, and tiny little dogs are super duper cute. But sometimes, it’s a big dog that steals our hearts. They are so giant that they feel like our big protectors. The thing is, they often don’t know their own size.

These 10 dogs are gigantic, but they think they are lap dogs.

You’re going to love these. Do you have a big dog like this? Let us know in the comments!

1. No room on the couch? He’ll make himself fit. 

big dog

2. Oh, look! This beautiful big dog is the perfect height for wet kisses.

big dog

3. At 110-pounds, this cutie pie still thinks he’s a little puppy.

big dog

We are just in love with these gentle giants and we have so many more to show you. In fact, they are some of our favorites!

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