10 Incredible Dog Transformations Prove Love Conquers All


There are millions of stray dogs in the world. Yes — millions. Many of them get brought into shelters in horrible condition. Emaciated, ill, and conditions so terrible you can’t even fathom. But once a dog feels love? The transformation can be incredible.

These 10 before and after transformation photos of dogs after being rescued are going to melt your heart.

Get ready to swoon!

1. It took 7 weeks after finding this emaciated dog to nurse them back to health. The transformation is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen. 


2. When Coconut was rescued, he’d never experienced love. Now? He can’t even believe how great his life is!


3. This sweet Pit Bull suffered from mange and a terrible eye infection. Look at that adorable, healthy, and floppy-eared dog now. WOW.


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