These 16 Basenji Puppies Are Having The Best Time Together And It’s ADORABLE!


Is there anything cuter in the world than a bunch of puppies playing together? Watching them awkwardly try to run and jump with their new little bodies. These Basenji puppies are going to make you melt!

When we got a Shepherd puppy she was all legs and so clumsy. It was so cute watching her try to run and her feet getting all tangled before she could coordinate them.

As we know our beloved pets grow up far too fast and their puppy hood is far too short of a time. It feels like you just turn around and they are full grown wonderful dog adults.

It’s always fun as a dog lover to run into people who have a brand new puppy. It takes you back to their little fuzzball faces and cute but very sharp puppy teeth. We all know though that when the puppy stage is over it’s nice to have a dog companion who won’t eat all your shoes.

If you love dogs and puppies and maybe you’re not having such a good day, you’ll want to watch the video on the next page. We’re pretty sure 16 little puppies will make anyone’s day brighter!