Over 160 Pomeranians Were Rescued From A U-Haul Truck Near Las Vegas


Thanks to a tip to the police, 164 Pomeranians were rescued in a town near Las Vegas recently. They were found crammed into cages, stuffed in the back of  U-Haul truck. It was a completely shocking discovery.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department think that the poor dogs were placed there by a backyard breeder from Sandy Valley, Nevada. The scared Pomeranians were stacked in multiple kennels without any food, water, or ventilation.

In the video you’re about to see, there is rescue footage of the entire ordeal. Although the video is dark, you can hear the 164 dogs crying and whimpering. It’s so sad to think about the conditions they were living in.

When investigators approached the truck, they were shocked to see the kennels stacked from floor to ceiling. It was unclear how long the dogs had been in there or how long they had gone without food or water.

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