Mom Asks 2 Dogs Who Pooped. Watch Dog On The Left — HILARIOUS!


Watch This Sweet Holiday Reminder About Dog Adoption on the next page – You Won’t Be Able To Stop The Tears!!

The holiday season is one of the happiest and warmest times of the year. Families come together from all over the world to celebrate and be thankful for all they have in their lives.

As part of the holiday season we buy gifts and presents for everyone we love to show how happy we are to know them. You see commercials for all kinds of things, even brand new cars with big red bows!

One commercial that was common was always the husband or parents giving a box with holes on the side and a big bow on the top. You always knew the holes of course meant a fluffy adorable puppy was going to inevitably pop out.

But what they don’t remind you of is that dogs are not just a seasonal gift but a lifelong commitment for that pup. There are so many dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted because they were given up by owners who couldn’t take care of them, and in the worst cases the dogs suffered abuse because of this.

This time of year it’s important to remember that if you are looking to get a dog for the family adopting and rescue is one of the best things you could ever do. Continue to the next page to watch one of the most heartfelt rescue reminders you’ll ever see. We dare you not to cry!