Mom Asks 2 Dogs Who Pooped. Watch Dog On The Left — HILARIOUS!


Every year we try to pick a couple of places to make donations to in the spirit of the holidays and giving back. Seeing as how we are obsessed with dogs and have 2 rescues of our own this is usually a pretty simple decision.

I feel so lucky for the organizations and their volunteers who take the initiative to help aid the dogs of this country out of sometimes just horrible circumstances. Without them and their dedication, we wouldn’t have the 2 amazing rescue dogs we love so much.

Watch below as one little dog named Suzie looks for a second chance in life and finds her forever home. Spread the word and share the message of rescue agencies and how much they do for the canines we love.

Could there be a more heartwarming story in the world? This really is what the spirit of the season is all about, congratulations on your new family Suzie! Adoption is the best!