Adorable Dog Asks Strangers Walking By To Throw His Toy For Him


As a dog lover, it’s probably an automatic instinct to stop and pet a dog as you walk by them. It’s impossible not to get a quick head rub in when they look up at you with those adorable, heart-melting puppy dog eyes.

Now imagine those puppy dog eyes, taken to the next level. Imagine seeing something so sweet, so precious that it just makes you swoon. That’s what happened to a woman in Italy named Caterina Dellabona.

Although, at first — Caterina was confused. She wasn’t sure what she was seeing at first. As she was talking a stroll along the streets of a small town in Italy, Caterina came across a sign attached to a fence.

In Italian, the sign read: “Please don’t throw the toy on the cacti (the dog will hurt itself). Throw either left or right thanks.”

Of course, this made no sense to her, and she was a bit perplexed by it. Until everything started making sense. An adorable black and white dog appeared from the yard — he was carrying a toy in his mouth.

Suddenly, it all became crystal clear and Caterina couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. This was too cute for words!

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