Adorable Dog And Baby Share The Sweetest Moment That Will Melt Your Heart!


Are there any two things cuter in this world than dogs and babies? They both are so innocent and sweet and pretty much everything they do is cute, sans diapers of course.

I think dogs are special for many reasons but one of them is their intuition and natural animal instincts. When a dog has a litter of pups she will do anything to protect them and even if it’s her first litter she already seems to know how to take care of them, like it’s built in.

When a new baby comes into a household it may take time for your pup to get used to them, it’s a big change for everyone. But when they do, usually the mother instincts will kick in and take over.

My friend’s dog walks with her daughter to bed every single night and then lays down next to her. They have been best friends since she was born and her canine pal Haley will do anything to protect her, like she was her own.

Once the bond is formed it can never be broken and it’s the most adorable thing to watch. Continue to the next page to watch one baby and dog who will obviously always be best friends forever.