Study Reveals Startling Correlation Between Animal Abusers & Murderers

A recent study conducted by the Chicago police unveils a startling positive correlation between animal abusers and murderers. Basically, people with history of animal abuse are more likely to commit heinous crimes like murder.

According to the study, 65 percent of animal abusers also harm humans. What’s more is that 45 percent of murderers admit to hurting animals in the past.

Dogs deserve the same respect, treatment and love as humans do. They are furry family members and should be treated with dignity. Unfortunately, there are homes where these adorable pups live a dangerous, sad life.

They are victims of abuse and neglect. Beaten often by their owners. Left outside in dangerous weather conditions with no shelter or food. Or even abandoned on the streets.

That is why the FBI, along with local police officers, as of January 2016, are joining forces to catch villainous knaves. Pooling their resources for a common good.

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