We Can’t Tell If Thorin The Shepherd Loves Or Hates The Snow Shovel – SEE For Yourself!!


When you’re a kid the first snow of the season is the most wondrous thing you could ever imagine. It’s so pure and cold and perfect for snowmen, snowball fights, sledding and everything fun in between.

As kids we used to wake up and if it had snowed overnight we just couldn’t wait to get outside. And if there was enough snow to cancel school, well that was a really big treat.

As adults though we know that snow might be seen a little differently then when we were young. It’s not so much fun when the day doesn’t get cancelled and you still have to go to work, fight the traffic and go out to do the dreaded shoveling of the driveway.

Whenever we have to go out to shovel, our dogs are beside themselves because they have to watch from inside. We can’t tell if they feel our pain or are super jealous that we get to have all the fun.

Our dogs aren’t the only ones active on the scene of the snow shovel. Continue to the next page to WATCH an adorable Shepherd named Thorin try to “help” his people take care the freshly fallen snow.