Cute Dog Shows Us There’s Nothing Better Than A Belly Rub, Even When He Gives It To Himself!

belly rub

Perhaps the only thing better than having a dog to love is having a dog to pet. When you get home or when you’re snuggling on the couch it’s infectious to reach out and pet their soft fur. And a belly rub is always one of their favorite things.

I love just holding my dog’s ear when we’re sitting together and petting it over and over. It seems to always lull him to sleep too and it’s those special times just the two of us I love most.

And all dogs have their favrotie secret spot that they love to be pet. My dad used to call our it our lab’s motor when I was little because if you rubbed her belly in the right way her leg would start kicking up a storm. It was so cute!

But I think a main dog favorite has still got to be the classic belly rub. Every morning our dogs will roll over on their back and just wait for us to go to town, their tails going crazy.

I always wonder though what they do when I’m not around to give them their favorite belly rub. One little dog Ginger shows us if there’s a will there’s a way, continue to the next page to WATCH him give himself his own belly rub.