Dog Was Brought Into Hospital To Say Goodbye To Owner In A Coma — The Moment Is Tear-Jerking


A bond between a dog and their owner is something that can’t be described — it can only be felt. And it’s felt deeply. Dogs become our best friends, our life companions, and our family. It’s an irreplaceable connection.

When a dog and their owner become separated, whether by distance or by death, it’s always a heartbreaking moment. It’s a pain that’s felt deep into the soul, a hole is created that will never be filled.

The connection between a man named Ryan Jessen and his dog named Mollie is one of those bonds. You’re going to want to grab a tissue for the video you’re about to see on the next page. It’s powerful and moving.

Ryan’s story is a tragic one. One day, the 33-year-old man suddenly had a painful headache — he assumed it was a migraine. Sadly, he was wrong. It wasn’t a migraine — it was actually much worse.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Ryan suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which put him into a coma. The chances of him ever waking up were slim to none. His family was devastated, and Mollie was confused.

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