Dog Is So Excited To Smell Owner After Being Lost For Over Two Years

two years

Pakita was dropped off at a shelter as a stray over two years ago. Volunteers noticed that she was acting strange — she was depressed, sad, and withdrawn. It wasn’t until the truth was uncovered that it all made sense.

Someone dropped the sweet dog off at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge. They said they found her wandering the streets. Volunteer Silvia Ferreyra immediately welcomed the lost dog with open arms.

However, Silvia noticed that Pakita was very depressed. She sat in the shelter for two years as families kept passing her by. “People prefer puppies,” Ferreyra told a fellow website. “So, for two years, she stayed with us.”

Pakita was so sad and withdrawn that it was difficult for the staff to even get a picture of the sweet girl. She would just cower and turn away from the camera. She couldn’t even be persuaded with gentle pats on the head.

Finally, after multiple attempts, Silvia was able to get a decent picture of Pakita. They posted it online to help find Pakita a forever home. What they didn’t know was that Pakita already had a home — and there was someone that missed her very much.

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