Dog Is Overwhelmed With Gratitude When Rescuers Shave Off All His Matted Fur


When Rags was surrendered to the shelter, he was just one big ball of matted fur. The 4-year-old Shih Tzu mix was found by a man that says the dog was wandering in his yard. The poor thing could hardly move.

Because the poor thing’s fur was so matted, it was basically constricting all of his movements and even making it difficult for the sweet dog to move. Rescuers from Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter (CARES) had to get to work immediately.

“He was covered in thick, hard mats (the worst we’ve ever seen) from head to paw,” Paige Daugherty of CARES told a fellow website. “His mats had been there for so long that they had grown together between his feet and his ears. Beneath the mats, hundreds of fleas were running rampant.”

Even though Rags was covered in this horribly matted fur and thousands of fleas, you’d never be able to tell by his demeanor. The rescue staff said that Rags was so incredibly grateful for love and attention that he was so calm and sweet.

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