Dog Realizes She’s Free Of Chains And Her Reaction Is Magical!


So Dogs Deserve Better decided to take the mom and dad dog to a fun dog park – their reaction when they realize they aren’t chained anymore is…. so adorable! You just have to see it…

You can tell that mama is a bit freaked out by the feel of the grass beneath her paws for the first time. You can feel the apprehensiveness by the way she’s moving. There are no more chains and she hadn’t felt that in so long. 

She slowly inches out – thinking she’ll be yanked back by the chain. But she soon realizes she is no longer chained – and takes off running! HOORAY! 



It sickens me that we continue to see stories like this of poor helpless and innocent dogs and other pets being abused and neglected like this!

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A most glorious run and frolic! How can you not feel so ecstatic for this sweet girl and her entire family? She’s just so renewed and exhilarated it’s hard not to smile the entire time while watching her.

1st “Freedom Run” off of the ChainKENTUCKY RESCUE UPDATE: We thought you would like to watch as these two make their first “freedom run” un tethered in the 6 acre field. You can almost see that magical second when it “clicked” and she realized she was unchained.Thanks to YOU this moment was possible. We still need to have them all vetted, vaccines, spayed, neutered, etc. Every penny helps! This donate link is set up for their Vet care. Please donate if you can – and share. Thank you!!

Posted by Dogs Deserve Better on Monday, January 4, 2016


Its hard to believe such cruelty exists with such wonderful animals and pets.

Please share this your friends and families! Together we can make a difference! Dogs don’t belong on chains!

Source: BarkPost

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