Dog Skis Down Slope In Their Own Way And It’s Hilarious!

hilarious dog

As a kid our parents would take us up to the mountain to go sledding. We would spend the entire day hiking up hills and speeding back down. It was a hilarious and such blast!

There were always so many other kids around too, the hill would be packed and people would take turns trying out different sleds. Families would come from all over when the first snow fell.

With all the kids and parents would also come some of the family dogs. Our dogs loved to run up and down the hills with the kids and trailing behind the sleds.

One dog even would jump on the back of the sled with their owner and ride it all the way to the bottom. It’s so much fun this time of year to watch all the kids having fun and when the dogs are having fun too that makes it all the better.

In the French Alps one lab decided it was their turn to have all the fun on the ski slopes. Continue to WATCH one hilarious dog take on the mountain, you won’t believe how fun it looks!!