Dog Tragically Dies On United Airlines Flight After Flight Attendant Puts It In Overhead Bin

united airlines

When Maggie Gremminger boarded United Airlines flight #1284 from Houston to New York, she had no idea that she would witness a tragedy that would unfold right before her eyes. It completely shocked her.

Maggie is a community relations manager and what she witnessed that day absolutely broke her heart. A fellow passenger’s dog passed away on the flight after a flight attendant apparently told them they’d have to stow their small dog in the overhead bin.

The small French bulldog was in a proper soft carrying case and the unnamed passenger, sitting in front of Maggie, placed the dog underneath the seat in front of her. However, the flight attendant said that the carrier was blocking the aisle.

After some back and forth arguing with the flight attendant, Maggie saw that they picked up the dog carrier and placed it in the overhead bin. Maggie was stunned, to say the least, she had never seen a pet stored in an overhead bin before.

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