Dog Vs Raptor – Who Will Win This Ultimate Show Down?!


For my husband and I sitting around with our dogs is the ultimate form of entertainment for us. We always say if we didn’t have them would we actually have anything to talk about?

This is a joke between us for sure but part of it is entirely true. We watch our dogs do cute and funny things and then we talk about those cute and funny things A LOT. Like a lot, a lot.

We also of course love to interact with them together as a family. My husband will go hide in another room and whistle and make them come find him while I sneak away and hide somewhere else, and so on. Dog games are the best games.

Sometimes though we also use their toys to play tricks on them. I will get under the covers with my dog’s favorite toy raccoon and proceed to make him disappear and reappear until my dog jumps on the bed and digs into the covers until he finds us. He always wins of course.

One dog had the ultimate toy show down and at first he tries to resist the Raptor’s call to play but in the end had to join. Continue to the next page to watch the funniest take down of a dinosaur ever!

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