Her Dogs Are Acting Weird, So She Installs Camera To See What The Dog Walker Has Been Doing


We think of our dogs as our children – as part of our family. So when we leave them with someone – we want to be sure that we can trust that person to take care of them with all of their heart. For one family, their trust was betrayed.

A woman named Shelley, and her husband, have two tiny Yorkies. They need to be walked several times a day to go to the bathroom. But unfortunately – with their work schedule, they couldn’t do it themselves.

The family hired a dog walker to help them with walking their two pups. They said for a few months…everything was going fine. But then their dogs started acting strangely and they were having accidents in the house. How was this happening?

So they decided to set up a security camera inside their house to see what was going on. What they saw was not what they were expecting at all. They were absolutely shocked at what they found out.

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