Dogs Rescued During Hurricane Harvey


As you’ve seen in the news lately, southern Texas has been completely ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The storm and heavy rainfall caused major flooding and has displaced thousands of people from their homes.

Houston and other southern Texas have taken the brunt of the storm and it’s had a devastating effect on the area. Harvey made landfall north of Corpus Christi and has rained dozens of inches.

The storm has subsided but the rains have continued. The area is expecting 55 more inches of rain — the normal average yearly amount is around 36 inches. You can only imagine the utter devastation.

Of course, many of the families that needed to evacuate their homes also had their beloved pets with them. Pet owners all over the Houston and southern Texas area were trying their best to keep their fur babies safe.

Not all dogs, however, have been able to escape the floodwaters with their owners. They’ve had to rely on the first responders to help them survive the leftover storm from Hurricane Harvey.

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