Driver Pulls Over After Seeing Dog Scratching And Crying At A Box, Their Hearts Dropped When They Opened It


Just like you, we absolutely hate hearing stories about animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty of any kind. This is why we strive to only tell stories with happy endings and to spread the message of rescue and adoption.

In this story, although the story begins with heartache, it’s because of an amazing person that gives the ending the happy twist we always hope for. A Good Samaritan was driving their route on a normal work day when they spotted something that caught their attention.

The driver pulled over on a road near Boonville, Missouri and went to have a closer look. It was a dog that was pawing, scratching, and crying at a box that was taped shut. When they picked up the box, it was clear that the contents weren’t as advertised.

Inside the taped-shut box was four tiny little puppies. It turns out that the dog who was scratching and whimpering near it was their mother. She was trying desperately to free them but had no luck.

The box was long but thin, so the four puppies were all crammed in. They didn’t have any food or water, but thankfully their body warmth was able to keep them all warm in cold winter temperatures.

The driver contacted the Midwest Animal ResQ and they were immediately taken to the Crain Veterinary Center. If it wasn’t for this amazing Good Samaritan, these puppies may not have survived much longer.