Drug Dog Removed From The Police Force Because He Became Too Good At His Job

drug dog

Tulo is an incredible and talented drug dog. For the past seven years, he has worked and served his community as a drug-detection canine with the Rifle Police Department in Colorado. He was recently pulled from the job; not because he was bad at what he did, but because he was too good!

When Tulo joined the force, marijuana hadn’t become legalized yet. So, of course, he was trained to sniff out the drug when doing searches. When Tulo would be brought along on stops, he would alert an officer if there were narcotics in the car.

But now that marijuana has been legalized, Tulo was pointing out cars and people as having narcotics, even though it may no longer apply.

“With marijuana being legal, case law has come down from the court that basically says people have a reasonable expectation of privacy to the odor of marijuana,” Garrett Duncan, Tulo’s longtime handler, told The Dodo. “Tulo doesn’t tell me the difference in the drugs that he’s located, so I am unable to determine whether it will be marijuana in the vehicle or, say, methamphetamine the vehicle.”

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