Emaciated Dog Was Once Chained Up With Her Puppies — You Won’t Recognize Her Today!

A sweet dog named Morgan was found chained up, abandoned in a backyard in South Carolina. Her family moved and didn’t want to take her with them. The chain was heavy and she could hardly move.

The poor girl was alone and scared for two long weeks. During this period, Morgan gave birth to eight puppies. She tried her best to take care of her puppies while she was chained up, but it was a struggle.

With no food and water, someone in the area finally noticed the poor mom and all of her puppies. They immediately called for help, and thank goodness they did, because they probably wouldn’t have survived much longer.

Morgan and her puppies were rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and they were all placed into foster homes. It was obvious that Morgan had been neglected for a very long time.

“Morgan came emaciated, with a blown-out right knee, a compromised left knee and bowed front legs, presumably from malnourishment and desperately trying to pull off of her heavy chain,” Kristin Dubnoff, Morgan’s foster mom, told a fellow website.

The two-year-old girl that had been chained up her entire life needed surgery on her leg. She also had heartworm. She was broken, starving, and in need of so much love and medical attention.

Continue to the next page to see Morgan’s before and after pictures. You’ll find it hard to believe she’s the same dog.