Famous Radio Host Makes DISGUSTING Statement About Pit Bulls

Do you happen to have or listen to the radio service SiriusXM? Well…hopefully you were not tuned into Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s show recently. We know, as people who love our fur babies, that you would have been absolutely appalled.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger was hosting a segment on her show called “Ways to Fight Loneliness” – sounds like a great segment, right? No one should ever feel loneliness. What better way to fight loneliness than having a dog in your household to love and love you back?

Well – the doctor started suggesting that this would be the perfect way to help combat loneliness. But soon – things took a horrific turn at what came out of her mouth next.

She began to say that she recently took a visit to one of the local shelters in her area. Apparently, she was absolutely shocked to see how many Pit Bull breeds were waiting for new homes at this shelter.

Then? The next statement she decided to broadcast absolutely made my job drop to the floor. Continue to the next page to see what she said and how YOU can make a stand!

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