Famous Radio Host Makes DISGUSTING Statement About Pit Bulls

According to The Examiner – Dr. Laura Schlessinger then said “Pit Bulls are a waste of space and should all be put down.” She really did! Can you believe such an awful statement about such a wonderful breed?!

Apparently all attempts to reach out to her regarding this ignorant statement have been ignored. Go figure. But YOU can do something to help take a stand!

Here’s a list of some of contacts of her show and how you can reach out to show them how you feel. Is this REALLY someone you want to support? Someone who advocates the killing of a wonderful breed? NO!






Use YOUR voice to stick up for this incredible and loving breed. It is not okay to spread lies and ignorance!

A list of other sponsors of her program can be found here: The Examiner (List of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s sponsors)

Source: DogingtonPost

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