Firefighters Rush Into Burning Home To Find Unconscious Dog Lying On Top Of 4 Kittens


When you think of superheroes, what comes to mind? A fighter for good who wears a cape and has superpowers? That’s certainly one type of hero, but there’s another kind — the kind that is covered in fur. The incredible story you’re about to see comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.

Firefighters received a call about a home that was engulfed in flames. The firefighters quickly sprung into action.When the rescue team arrived, they noticed that the family had thankfully escaped the home without any injury. It was a giant weight lifted off the firefighters’ shoulders — now they just had to focus on putting out the flames. 

The family was standing outside their burning home and they realized they had one of their dogs, Barney, standing beside them. Thank goodness. Then, all of the sudden — a wave of panic washed over the family. Their other dog, Leo, was still stuck inside and so were their four brand new kittens!! 

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