Go Pro Gives Humans A Real Time View Of What It’s Like To Be A Dog And It’s Amazing!

amazing dog

Every time I give my dog another love-crushing hug, or try to make him come sit by me or any number of annoying mom things I do I wonder what he’s thinking. Because dogs can’t talk it always will be a bit of a mystery. They’re amazing creatures.

I can’t even imagine what they must think of us humans doing all the strange things we do, seeing us in all moments of our lives. Sometimes I think it’s probably for the best my dog can’t talk and tell me I’m a total nerd.

It would be so neat to be able to see the world through a dog’s eyes and to hear what they actually think about when looking at us all. As a dog fanatic I would love to know what the world is to them and how they actually feel about us humans.

I’m sure a lot of it would be happy people squealing at how cute the “doggy” is, because I definitely do that to strangers on the street when I see a dog. But I bet as a dog that greeting never gets old and it must make them feel ever happier to be our companions and friends.

If you ever wanted to watch the world from a dog’s eyes you’ll want to WATCH as a Husky takes us for an inside peak. Continue to the next page for your real life look at what it means to be a dog. SO amazing!