Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Be Left Out Of The Poolside Fun On A Hot Day!

Great Dane

During these long winter months it’s common for people to start feeling down and a little blue. The days are shorter, the sun doesn’t come out quite as often and you begin to feel like it will never end. This Great Dane doesn’t miss winter at all.

When the ground thaws and the grass starts to pop up again the world seems to get lighter and just happier in general. Everyone starts to smile again thinking of all the fun summer activities and sunshine that we know will be coming so soon.

Even the animals can feel the change in the air, my dogs start to wake up earlier and want to go out every chance they get. They get especially excited when they start to see the squirrels and rabbits come back into our yard, it’s like the first bloom on a bush for them.

When it does get hot outside there is nothing like the sweet, wonderful relief of jumping into a nice, cold swimming pool. Swimming is the ultimate summer activity whether it’s a pool, lake, river or really any body of water will do when it’s hot out!

Humans are not the only ones who know this trick to staying cool in the summer. The dogs are in on it too and they refuse to miss out. Continue to the next page to WATCH a Great Dane named Katie have her own summer fun.