Happiest Labrador In The World Dances Like A BOSS

How can you tell when a dog is happy or in a good mood? They wag their tail. They greet you with sloppy wet kisses. They might even make some silly sounds. The happiest Labrador in the world…

Well this happy dog busts a move!

In this adorable clip — a beautiful black Labrador seems to have guests over at their house. You know how that can go with a social dog — there’s so many people to love on that they don’t know how to contain their excitement!

One of the people in the room decides to help this sweet dog get some energy out. What better way to do that than with a dance session in the middle of the living room?! Sounds perfect to me, right?

But this is when things start to get hilarious because once this dog starts busting out the dance moves — they just don’t seem to want to quite! Dance marathon ensues.

If there’s one thing for certain — this dog really knows how to get all the attention of the house guests. There’s no way you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes off this dog as they dance with all their heart!

Read on to see this adorable video for yourself. Trust us. You’ll want to see this.

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