Homeless, Injured Dog Walks Onto A Man’s Porch — Little Did She Know? She Was Meeting Her New Family


A man named Joe Sullivan chose to live in the middle of nowhere for the peace and quiet that comes with rural Mississippi. So, when an injured dog showed up on his porch one day — he was stunned.

Upon closer inspection, Sullivan noticed just how badly injured she was. He picked her up and she immediately nuzzled her head onto his shoulder. It was clear that the poor girl was absolutely exhausted.

The injured dog was covered in cuts and scars; what happened to her, no one will know — but it was something that a dog should never experience or go through. That’s for absolute certainty.

Sullivan wrapped the little girl in a warm blanket, loaded her in the car, and took her to the Animal Clinic of Tippah County located in Ripley, Mississippi. She needed medical attention right away.

Once she got to the vet clinic, the injured dog was treated for worms, hydrated through an IV, and her injuries were inspected. It appeared that she had been hit by a car; she had a fractured hip and nerve damage.

Sullivan’s heart was breaking for the sweet dog, but he was so glad the little girl chose his porch because now she was getting the help she needed. And little did she know — things were just going to get better from there!

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