Homeowners Leave Dog With Dog Sitter While They Go On Vacation — Never Thought They’d Come Home To See This


No one ever wants to leave their dogs when they go on a work trip or vacation. It’s heartbreaking to see their confused little faces as we walk out the door without them. For two homeowners — this is exactly what they had to do.

The couple struggled with the decision of whether or not to put their dog Skylar in a boarding kennel or to get a dog sitter. Unfortunately, bringing Skylar on their trip was not an option for the family.

After some discussion, the couple decided that they’d be most comfortable with a live-in dog sitter to take care of their beloved pup. They did some research and called a professional dog sitter named James Liakos.

They invited James to come over and meet Skyler — it was love at first sight between them and the couple was certain that they’d found the perfect dog sitter to watch their dog while they went on vacation.

However, when the family left for their trip, they had no idea what their dog and the dog sitter would be getting into. They also had no idea what they’d see when they returned home from their relaxing getaway.

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