Hurricane Harvey Causes This Dog To Take Matters Into His Own Paws

hurricane harvey

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has been absolutely catastrophic. Thankfully, within the tragedy, there have been glimmers of hope and stories of heroes; like this dog — who decided to take matters of survival into his own paws.

It’s the amazing and positive stories during this horrible times that keeps people’s spirits lifted. It gives them the feeling that humanity is still alive and well, even when it feels like it has disappeared.

A woman named Tiele Dockens was driving home near the town of Sinton, Texas when she saw something that caught her eye. It was so curious that she had to take a pause and snap a picture.

Walking down the street, all by themselves, was a dog — it was pouring down rain and the streets were lightly flooded with water. But the dog had something in its mouth — this is what really caught Dockens eye.

When she posted the picture of the dog on Facebook — it spread like wildfire. It’s been shared almost 40,000 times and liked almost 20,000 times. So, why was this photo so special?

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