Man Discovers Something Outrageous Wrapped Around Dog’s Neck After Picking Her Up From Daycare


A couple from Chicago, named Luke and Laura, have a beautiful dog named Mya. Mya is a German Shepherd mix — she’s extremely lovable and very well-behaved aside from some anxiety issues. They thought doggy daycare would be a perfect way to socialize her.

Luke and Laura would regularly take Mya to the dog park to try and get all of her energy out. She absolutely loves running around, and her owners love watching her be happy and free. Her early life wasn’t always so wonderful.

When Mya was little, her previous owners abused her. This is why she has some anxiety issues, so she is a bit skittish. The couple heard about a place in town called the Posh Pet Day Spa that could possibly help.

Mya had been going to Posh Pet Day Spa for a while now; she would get pampered and socialize with other dogs. It was a great way for her to learn how to interact with other pups and to learn to trust people — or so they thought.

In what was an attempt to help alleviate Mya’s fears and anxiety issues, it turned out that it was really making them much worse. When Luke picked up Mya from the spa/daycare, he noticed something out of place.

When he saw what was wrapped around his German Shepherd mix’s neck, he couldn’t believe it. He was stunned.

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