Man And His Dog Were Denied Flight Out Of Hurricane Irma Path Because He Didn’t Have Pet Carrier


When a disaster strikes, such as a hurricane, it’s a chaotic moment of panic. Evacuating is difficult, and evacuating with pets is even more so. This is why so many people don’t get out right away, they need a plan for their pet.

A man named Matt Varga experienced a harrowing ordeal while trying to flee the path of Hurricane Irma. As he was at the airport, leaving his town of Kendall, Florida, he was denied entry onto the plane.

The reason? Because he didn’t have a proper pet carrier for his dog Meeka. The problem was, he really did try to find one. Varga told CNN at the Miami Airport that he tried to find one at 10 stores — they were all sold out.

There are Federal Regulations in place that clearly state how a pet can be transported on a plane. It’s for everyone’s safety, including the dog’s. However, many people feel that they could make an exception during emergencies such as this.

“It’s not a huge dog, you think they’d make an exception,” he said after the interview.

When the story hit social media, people were going crazy. They pointed out a similar situation in Canada where a pilot bent the rules in order to do what’s right — saving 36 animals from a wildfire.

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