While Man Was Out Rescuing Flood Victims, His Dog Disappears — This Woman Just Found Her


While a woman was driving in a forest 50-miles north of Hurricane-stricken Houston, she spotted something strange. It struck her curiosity enough for her to stop and check out the situation.

“I thought I saw an animal in a creek in the forest. I did a double take. It was a dog,” Kasper told a fellow website. “I stopped in the middle of the road to look closer. She was by herself. I was worried. I said, ‘Puppy, come here,’ and she ran right over. She was so excited. She was jumping on me and licking me.”

Kasper decided to wait around the area to see if anyone would come looking for the dog — however, no one came. She decided to load up the dog in her front seat; she was determined to find out who this dog belonged to.

The sweet dog had a collar, but she didn’t have any tags; Kasper decided to call a few veterinarians in the area to see if they knew her or if they could take her in. Kasper was on her way to Fort Worth, four hours away.

“But she was so friendly and well-behaved, she had to have an owner,” Kasper said.

Kasper, being such a sweet woman, didn’t want to take the dog further from the area, but was left with no choice. So, off they went to Fort Worth.

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