Man Sees Motionless Dog On The Road, Now Watch As He Tries To Move Her Lifeless Body

motionless dog

Imagine a scenario where you’re driving down the street and see a motionless dog lying in the middle of the road. Would you stop? Or would you keep driving and assume there was nothing you could do?

A man named David Loop was put in this horrible predicament. He saves animals for a living and was driving down the street with his dashcam on when he spotted the small, white, motionless dog in the street.

He immediately thought she was dead — she wasn’t moving at all. He knew he could just leave her in the middle of the street and decided to turn around so she wouldn’t be run over any further. As he moved the body to the side of the road, he began to say a prayer for the little baby. Just as he was about to walk away and return to his car — she blinked. He couldn’t believe it!

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