Man Steps Up, Does The Right Thing After Seeing Woman Bite And Abuse Dog On Subway


Please note that the video you’re going to see concerning this story is very disturbing; especially to anyone who loves animals. An incident occurred recently on a Canadian subway system that made people all over the world absolutely furious.

There are some people on this planet that should never be allowed to be around animals, let alone own one. Those people don’t view animals as the amazing and caring souls that they are. They view them as “less than.”

An absolutely cruel and completely shameless act was all caught on camera as a woman was filming the disturbing event on her cell phone. We’re unsure why the person filming didn’t step in and something.

What unfolded on the clip is nothing short of disgusting; it can be very hard to watch as the woman first verbally abuses her dog and then it moves onto physical abuse. How anyone can treat an animal like this woman does is sickening.

As the video continues to film, a man can’t take it anymore and decides to step up and say something. It was because of his actions and the fact that this video circulated the world, that justice was brought to light.

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