Memphis The Husky Cannot Be Pet Enough By Her Owner And It’s Hilarious!


We love dogs for millions of reasons and any one who has a dog knows how much they enrich our lives. From puppy-hood to adult they are by our side and part of our family. This Husky…you’re going to fall in love with.

As puppies they make us laugh with their awkward bodies and falling all over themselves while learning how to run and play like dogs. Their little faces and barks, and tiny teeth and paws, all thing about puppies that make them perfect in every way.

When they get older they become more of a companion and a best friend as they say. They seem to know our routines and personalities and as they grow we grow with them.

My dogs for instance can’t eat their dinner until they have gone outside to use the bathroom. It’s so funny to watch if you put food in their bowls first they will just stare at me and go stand by the door like “no you did not just do that out of order”, they are hilarious!

They all have their little quirks and bits about them that make them special to us and really like a family member. One Husky takes it even further as to demand human contact at all times. WATCH on the next page to see this funny dog beg to be pet!