Newfoundland Learned How To Play Hide And Seek – It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!


Dogs as we know are very smart and capable of understanding all different kinds of things. They are also loving and loyal and know who their families are, after all they are pack animals. This Newfoundland in this video is SUPER smart!

One of the best parts of having a dog is working with them to develop their skills and getting to watch their understanding grow. The firsts are some of the best moments and make you and your pup feel good.

The first time they sit on command or lay down or stay and wait for your signal, watching them learn is so fulfilling. And seeing them fill with pride when you tell them how good they are and reward them with praise.

It’s no wonder dogs are used in the military, among police and as search and rescue guides. Their keen senses and ability to listen and learn make them the perfect candidates for this type of work.

While working dogs take years of training to develop the skills they have, you can still make your own game of it at home. A little girl named Sierra shows off her dog Sebastian’s amazing hide and seek skills, continue to the next page to see if he can find her hiding spot.

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