Overweight Dog Back In Shape After Surviving Croc-Infested Everglades


An overweight dog was found abandoned in the beautiful yet deadly Florida Everglades and it was only a matter of time before he falls prey to it’s toothy denizens if it wasn’t for his rescue. The Everglades is one of the most cherished wetland in the continental United States.

It is a pristine stretch of protected nature that has become a habitat for all sorts of animals and flowers. It certainly is one of the United States’ final natural frontiers, it is also its most unforgiving and deadliest.

Powder, a stray dog, no doubt abandoned in this prison, survived out of sheer luck and determination. The pooch living from the scraps of snacks constantly being tossed her way and the dead carrion she managed to discover.

The Florida Everglades is a marshy puzzle of tall grass and gator infested waters. A maze teaming with an overabundance of predators.

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