Owner Arrives Home To Dog Acting Strangely — Then He Sees What He’s Hiding In The Bath Tub


Imgur user squishiepeachies has a dog named Crosby. Crosby used to have two other animals in the house with him, but sadly, they both passed away. His best dog friend went over the Rainbow Bridge last month and his best kitty friend passed 5 months before that.

His owner thought that Crosby was dealing with the losses okay, it seemed like he was fine with being the only animal in the house.

“This is Crosby. He is the best good boy,” squishiepeachies wrote on Imgur. “About 6-months-ago, he lost his kitty friend, and just over a month ago he lost his best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was 8-weeks-old. Crosby has been pretty okay about being an only doggo, or so I thought.”

As it turns out, Crosby was feeling pretty lonely and he decided that he was going to make it a mission to find a new best friend. What his owner didn’t know, was that it was going to catch him completely off guard when he returned home from work one day.

As squishiepeachies returned home from work on a normal day just like any other, but he noticed that Crosby was acting strangely. It seemed like he was wanting him to follow him into the bathroom.

When he walked into the bathroom and looked into the tub, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing! Continue to the next page to find out.