Owner Puts Shoes On Nora The Husky But She Has An Escape Plan And It’s Hilarious!


I can remember when I was a kid spending every summer running around our neighborhood barefoot. All us kids would run through the sprinkler, grass and playground and despite some occasional splinters those are some of my happiest memories. The Husky you’re about to see takes playing to a new level.

My niece apparently takes after me because in her ripe old age of 2 you cannot keep shoes on her to save your life! Every time I watch her if I turn around for a second she has both shoes off and is pleased as punch.

As we learn when we get older, humans have to wear shoes and sadly the chance to go barefoot comes around less and less. But as humans we are used to wearing shoes, it’s just part of our everyday life. Animals on the other hand are a different story.

Trying to put shoes on a dog is like telling a human they will never be allowed to wear shoes again. And as most any dog wearing shoes for the first time will show you it is not a natural feeling for them and it’s usually pretty clear they have no interest.

Often times though watching them with their disgruntled dog ‘tude can be the funniest thing ever. Continue to the next page to watch one crafty dog names Nora give her new shoes a run for their money, literally!

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