People Thought That It Was Strange Seeing This Dog At Church All The Time. But When They Realized The Reason Why, Everyone Was In Tears!


Sunday church service for most people generally doesn’t involve a dog; but for the attendees of this church in Italy, it was a regular occurrence. What they didn’t know was who the dog belonged to or why he was there.

The dog’s name is Loyal Tommy and he certainly lives up to his name; you’ll see why when you watch the video. He’s the most faithful German Shepherd you’ll ever come across and his story with pull at your heartstrings.

The sweet dog belonged to a 57-year-old Italian woman named Maria. Maria adopted the beautiful dog after finding him in a field by her house; he had been abandoned by his previous owners.

Loyal Tommy was just a puppy at that time and now he’s at the peak of his life at 7-years-old. According to dog years, he’s a handsome full grown man. Loyal Tommy and Maria had some wonderful years together.

It was a strong bond that they formed over those years; a friendship that only a dog owner can understand. But sadly, all things must come to an end at some point.

Loyal Tommy and Maria were so close, he’d wait for her anywhere for however long — that’s exactly what this sweet boy was doing. Continue to the next page!