Pit bull Saves 3 Children From Venomous Snake Inside The House!

Zena snapped the snake’s spine, therefore significantly weakening it. However, she was still vulnerable to it’s bite. Patricia was pleading Zena to let it go but the loyal dog wouldn’t.

“I walked into the rumpus room to ask the kids if they wanted anything else to eat and this snake was making its way along the screen door towards the opening.
“The children saw it at the same time.
“I screamed, the kids screamed and Zena came from nowhere.
“She was amazing.
“She gave it one quick snap and then continued to struggle with it.”

Thankfully, dad Steven came to the rescue of his family. While Zena refused to listen when mom asked her to let go of the snake, Steven was able to convince her to.

Check out their amazing story below!

God knows what could have happened to the children had Zena not been there. There is a lot of bad rap surrounding the Pit bull breed but I feel like there’s not enough stories telling how awesome they are!!! They are freaking awesome.

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