Police Officer Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car After She Left Her Dog In The Car

hot car

“You keep a dog with no ventilation in there?!” This is the question a cop frustratingly asked a woman as she was returning to her car on a hot day. The officer had received a call about a dog in the car with the windows up.

Many people think that they can bring their dogs with them wherever they go. While this is a nice thought — unless they can come inside whatever building you’re going to, it’s best to leave them at home.

You might think it’s harmless to run into a store for a few minutes and leave your dog inside the car — you’re terribly wrong. Within minutes, the temperature inside a car can skyrocket and the results can be fatal.

Even leaving the windows down a few inches might not be enough to let a sufficient amount of air into the car.

Another common misconception is that if it isn’t that hot out, they should be fine. This is another completely wrong assumption. The sunlight gets trapped inside the car, acting as an oven. Even temperatures in the 60’s can create a tragic environment.

One officer in Truth or Consequence, New Mexico is sick and tired of hearing stories of people leaving their animals and children in cars. When he received a call about a dog in a Walmart parking lot — he arrived immediately.

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