Police Save Drowning Dog From Icy Waters — But That’s Not Even The Best Part!


A beautiful stray dog wandered onto some thin ice over Lake Michigan. The poor thing ended up falling through the ice and into the frigid waters. Little did he know — this terrifying moment would lead him to his new family.

A woman nearby saw what happened after the dog fell through the thin ice and immediately called the police. It was a cold January day and there was no way this dog would survive for very long.

The pup was paddling his hardest, trying his best to stay afloat in the frigid, icy waters of Lake Michigan. Thankfully, the police arrived just in time. The poor boy was on the brink of drowning any minute.

After the rescue, the cold and scared dog was brought to the Humane Society. He suffered hypothermia but otherwise, he was in good condition. They decided to endearingly name him Michigan.

After the news footage of the rescue aired, there were many people that wanted to adopt him. But, the Humane Society wanted to wait, just in case someone came forward as his owner.

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