Precious Dog Has Been In Shelter For Four Years — Could You Be Her Forever Home?


A beautiful dog named Jessica was surrendered to a New York City animal shelter in 2013. The person who dropped her off said that she was a stray. The precious dog had recently given birth but she was brought in without her puppies.

The poor girl was also suffering from a bad case of mange, which is caused by mites burrowing into their skin. As if this wasn’t bad enough — Jessica was battling a multitude of other infections as well.

“She had horrible, horrible mange — really bad,” said Cassiah Ward, a volunteer with Second Chance Rescue. “The best way I can describe it is that she looked like a plucked chicken. She also had small secondary infections — she had scabs and then she developed kennel cough.”

In the beginning, Jessica was deemed as “unadoptable.” She was so unhealthy, her future wasn’t looking good. As much as they hated to — they thought it was best to put the precious dog on the euthanasia list.

Thankfully — a rescue group called Second Chance Rescue got word of Jessica and her story and knew they had to swoop in to rescue her. They were determined to nurse her back to health and find her a forever home.

This was just going to be the beginning of a long, lonely road for Jessica. It’s time that she found her loving family — could you be it? Continue to the next page to find out how you can adopt her.