Pregnant Dog Rescued From Fighting Pit Seconds Before Giving Birth

This poor pregnant dog was given a second chance at life when a group of heroes raided an illegal fighting pit. They saved her in the knick of time.

She was moments away from giving birth when a group of rescuers barged in. They managed to haul her out just as her water broke.

The instantly flew into triage mode, a code RED. They knew that the poor dog’s chances of survival, after having lived through such harsh and violent treatment, were slim at best.

She was but a baby, and already, a future mother…. A future mother who had suffered through hell. Her battered body a scorecard of the worst abuse man can inflict on a poor defenseless animal.

She was one of 112 rescued dogs sprung free from a violent fighting ring. Go to the next page to see of how a pregnant dog was pulled from a life of violence. 

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