Puppy On Motorbike Doggy Paddles Through The Air And It’s CRAZY Adorable!

Puppy Doggy Paddles Through Air

Oh the glories of being a puppy (or baby of any kind really!) Everything is new and exciting. Every corner turned is a new exploration! The puppy you’re about to see takes happiness and cheer to new levels!

What else can we say about puppies that we haven’t said already or that you don’t already know? We love the way they clumsily figure out their way through life. We love their tiny-ness. And we love the way they smell!

We also especially love witnessing them doing something new for the very first time. Watching a puppy as they make first discoveries is one of the greatest joys in life. One of life’s little joys in a crazy world.

You know that moment when you take a puppy (or any dog really) and hold them above water – then they start moving their paws getting ready to doggy paddle? Such an adorable instinct they have!

Well this tiny pooch is on a motorbike for the first time and the passenger holds the puppy in a very “Titanic-like” moment. Then the little guy’s reaction is just too priceless! Because the doggy paddle commences! Continue to the next page to see.