Snow Storm Covers City, But Watch What This Puppy Does Instead!


A GoPro camera was strapped on a puppy and magic instantly happened. When it’s snowing outside and school’s out, every kid in the neighborhood will wake up and think to themselves: “Yes! Christmas has come early!”

There is nothing better than a good snowball fight, or building a snow angel, or simply flinging yourself from up on high on your sled.

Well, in the following dog video, we will discover that snow days aren’t just fun for humans, but for all sorts of animals.

In this viral dog video, the GoPro camera’s ability to attach itself to a dog (mind the semantics; with the aid of a strap), manages to capture a puppy’s joy as he frolics in Boston during the Winter Storm Juno in 2015.

Turn to the next page to see a puppy who’s downright happy about a weather that many people would be upset about. He sure has learned to adjust his favorite weather to the current weather!

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